10 reasons why your favorite blog can be deleted

10 reasons why your favorite blog can be deleted

Blogger Platform is undoubtedly a good blogging platform for newbie bloggers. Even those who have no idea about web design can easily create their own blog with Blogger. But you must not forget that blogger has its own rules and regulations that you must follow. Otherwise Google Blogger Team can delete your favorite blog at any time. 10 reasons why your favorite blog can be deleted








No one wants his hard-earned blog to be deleted for any reason. Google doesn’t want to delete someone’s blog. But when someone violates their Content Policy and Term Of Service, they are forced to delete the blog. Below we will see why blogger blog can be deleted.









Publishing someone’s personal and confidential things on the blog without the person’s permission. It is completely contrary to Google Content Policy and Term Of Service. For example: Disclosure of someone’s Contact Information, Home Address, Email Address, Credit Card Numbers, Driving License Number etc.







02. SPAM:

Google hates this spam thing the most. Many people want to bring their blog to the top of the search engine by adopting Black Hat SEO method through Spamming. As a result, Google robots drop their blog in the Spam list. Such blogs can be deleted by Google at any time.







03. Copied Content:

This is also a big reason for blog deletion. If you copy any content from another blog and continue it on your blog without someone’s permission, Google robots will recognize your blog as a fake blog. Moreover, if Blogger complains through DMCA from whose blog you have copied content, then Google can delete your blog at any time along with deleting the post.







04. Increasing traffic by illegal means:

Currently there are many illegal ways to increase blog traffic i.e. visitors. For example, traffic increase in exchange of money, link exchange, use of traffic bot software etc. Using this illegal method means breaking Google’s rules.







05. Adverse comments:

Blogger is a platform where a person can express his opinion freely. However, the freedom of each genus has a certain limit. Blogger is no exception. For example, any kind of anti-religious or atheism, sex, age etc. can not be commented here.








No inflammatory or violent content may be published against any person or institution. No inflammatory or violent comments, even comments on your lessons. Then Google will assume that you are not following or complying with their policies.








If your blog is infected with viruses for any reason, then Google can delete your blog at any time. Because Google always wants to be free of viruses. Due to the use of various Third Party Addons, Scripts, Software etc. in the blog, your blog may be infected with viruses. You can check whether your blog is infected or not from here.








Although images and videos or pornographic adult content can be shared on blogs, this must be done in your site’s settings as an “adult” oriented blog. If you share any kind of sexual video and content everywhere then Google can delete your site at any time.







09. Child safety:

You will not write or share anything that may interfere with a child’s emotional development. For example, if you write about sexual content, any child can be attracted to pornography. So no such content can be shared. This is also a complete violation of Google Policy.








10. Illegal activities:

Do not post anything that is punishable by law in any jurisdiction or country. For example, posting something with the intention of attracting people to addictive things like drugs, smoking etc. Google can delete your blog at any time if you post something like this.








Last word:

After reading the above, you might be afraid of getting your blog deleted. Yes, it is a sad but true fact that if you don’t follow the above points, you can lose your beloved blog that you have worked hard to build for a long time. However, in addition to following the above points well, if you follow the Google Content Policy and Term Of Service, your blog will never be deleted. You can use it as many days as you want.

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