Birth Registration Transcript

Application for Birth Registration Transcript

Detailed discussion and answers to various questions on how to get new digital birth certificate by reprinting old handwritten birth certificate and apply for copy of lost birth certificate. Application for Birth Registration Transcript





If you want you can reprint your old handwritten birth certificate and get a new digital birth certificate. Also, if the birth registration certificate is lost or destroyed, you can apply for a reprint and get a copy of the birth registration.





How to Apply for Copy of Birth Registration

For reprinting handwritten birth registration certificate first check if your birth registration is online or not. You can apply for copy or reprint only if birth registration is online.

To apply for birth registration copy first visit- then click on birth registration certificate reprint option from birth registration menu.






Application for Birth Registration Transcript

Then you need to extract your birth registration with your 17 digit birth registration number and date of birth to fill the birth registration copy form. Look at the picture below.





Application for copy of birth registration

Enter registration number and date of birth and click on the search button. Your information will show your name and parent’s name. Now click the Select button.

Now select the registrar’s office from which you registered the birth. There are many who have registered their birth in one area and later live in another area. In this case you must select the area from which you registered earlier.

And if someone applies from outside the country, that country and Bangladesh High Commission located in that country will select.

Finally submit your birth registration certificate reprint application. In this case the contact number and identity information of the applicant should be given.






Application for copy of birth registration

If you are applying for a copy of your birth registration, select Self. Select parent if applying for your child. However, if someone other than himself/her parents, such as guardians, grandparents, grandparents apply, they will have to give their birth registration number and national identity card number.

Then submit the application for copy of birth registration certificate by clicking on the submit button on the right side.






Various questions and answers

What should be done to correct the birth registration information of an expatriate returning to the country after registering birth abroad or applying for reprinting of the certificate?

Any correction or reprinting of the certificate should be done at the registration office where the birth/death is register. Legally there is no opportunity to do it from other office.

However, with the help of the local registration office or the citizen himself can directly apply for correction or reprint online with the original registration office along with appropriate documents. In that case, if a copy of the application is sent to the office of the Registrar General (, arrangements will be made for its disposal by contacting the Ministry of External Affairs if necessary. In future, if any clerical error rectification of the birth registration certificate or a copy in English or Bengali is require. Arrangements will be made to issue it from any registration office.






How to digitize handwritten birth registration?

Apply for reprint online with your handwritten birth registration 17 digit number and date of birth. If your birth registration does not contain information in English. You can apply for an amendment by adding English information to the birth registration. If the application is approve, you can get the digital birth registration certificate.

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