Because of the mistake you can lose monetization on YouTube!

Because of the mistake you can lose monetization on YouTube!

Monetization is equivalent to golden deer for YouTubers. New YouTubers understand how difficult it is to monetize a new channel. After you get monetization with a lot of trouble, if you lose monetization due to your mistake, then all your trouble is in vain. Because of the mistake you can lose monetization on YouTube! so let’s know what mistakes can cause you to lose monetization:






# Click on your own ad

Many people sometimes click on their own ads. Don’t make this mistake again. Because if you click your ad yourself, it will be marked as an invalid activity according to Google’s rules, and as a result, you may lose your monetization.









If you think that you will watch your own channel’s video and click your own ad with another country’s IP using VPN or proxy, shake that thought out of your head. Because it is not so easy to dodge Google. If you change the IP and click on the ad, Google will mark it as an invalid click or invalid activity and disable your monetization.








Many people use different robotic software to increase views on new YouTube channels, and many people try to increase impressions by using paid traffic to increase views on the channel, and these actions are also counted by Google as invalid activities. So avoid using software and paid traffic.








Many new YouTubers share their video link in the comment section of other’s videos, many others ask to subscribe by sharing the channel link, this is a form of spamming, please refrain from doing this. There are many blackhat websites where many viewers are available so avoid sharing your video link on such blackhat websites.







#Tell your friends to click on your ad

Many new YouTubers send their friends on Facebook asking them to view video links and click on ads. Avoid doing this.








There are some prohibited topics on YouTube like Hateful Content, Harmful Content, Harassment, Violent Content, Adult Content etc. Avoid uploading videos on these topics as such content may cause you to lose monetization.








Many people make videos on one topic and title another topic, many people upload videos on one topic and tag other topics, many people upload videos on one topic and give thumbnails on other topics, these are called misleading. Avoid doing this, otherwise Google may mark it as misleading data and disable your monetization.

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