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Earn money from development 2023, how to earn

Bangladeshs largest mobile banking service Bikash has come up with the facility of getting Tk 2000 bonus by playing games. Earn money from development. Anyone who wants can participate in the Cric Master game from Bkash app and win a bonus of Rs. 2000. This is a popular tab. Earn money from development 2023, how to earn




So let’s know in detail how you can win 2000 rupees.

Details about Bikash campaign

To participate in this Vikas campaign, you must have created a Vikas account and downloaded the Vikas app from Play Store.




Download Development App”

The first 400 entrants will receive a prize.

Rank 1: 2000 Taka
Rank 2-3: 1000 Taka
Rank 4-5: 500 Taka
Rank 6-10: 300 Taka
Rank 11-100: 150 Taka
Rank 101-200: 100 Taka
Rank 201-400: 50 Taka




Rules for participating in development campaign

If you want to participate in Bkash Creek Master Game then you can participate very easily. Rules to participate in Bikash Cric Master Campaign: Income from Bikash 2023

First you login to your Bkash account through the application
And scroll to the bottom of the development application and click on the “Games” option
Then click on Cric Master option, earn money from cricket 2023
Proceed forward by clicking on Development Terms and Conditions
Now you can see the Bkash campaign prize pool, total number of players and campaign expiry date




Click Pay Now TK15 option to participate in Creek Master game and pay 15 rupees first
Now click on the Play option and start playing the Click Master game
If you want, you can easily participate in Bkash campaign click master game like this. And you can increase your own score by constantly playing the Creek Master game.




Earn by playing development games

A total of 400 people who play this game and will be at the top local level can win the mentioned prizes. Income from development 2023




Terms of income from development

Let us inform you that this Cric Master game campaign of Vikas will be held mainly under the sponsorship of Goama Games.

You must be 18 years or older to participate in this game.

All content, platforms, and operations of Creek Master Games will be fully controlled by Goama Games.

Vikas will only act as a payment service provider on this game campaign.

If you want, you can call this hot line number of games customer care 09678821214 to know about any requirement or answer to the question. Income from development 2023




Refers income from development

  • Another popular way to earn money from development is the referral system.
  • That is, you can earn money from Bkash application by referring your friends or relatives if you want. Income from development 2023
  • You can earn huge amount of money if a person who has not used bkash application before clicks on your link and downloads the bkash application. Income from development 2023
  • But while referring the Bkash application, be careful not to share it on social media or anywhere else in such a way that Bkash considers your referral as spamming.
  • About 2-3 months ago from today, I earned about four thousand rupees from Bikash by referring Bikash application. Income from development 2023
  • Although this income is very small, I got more motivation and encouragement to earn from referrals by earning from development. Income from development 2023
  • So you can get maximum 2000 rupees by playing Creek Master game at Vikas and also get a nice and attractive gift.




My last words

One can earn money from developing applications by adopting various means. If you want to know about any other method to earn money from development, you can tell me in the comment section. Income from development 2023

If 10 people comment and 10 share in comment section for this article then in next article I will show you how to earn thousands of rupees using bkash account. Earn money from development 2023

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