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How do I know if the passport has been issued?

Today’s post is about how to know if passport has been issued and the meaning of different passport statuses and passport status details. Hope it will be useful for you. How do I know if the passport has been issue? Passport Status Details




You can check the status of your passport application online. So let’s know how you can check passport application online.




Online Passport Status Check

To check the passport status online, click on the Check E Passport menu from the e-passport menu on our website or click on the Passport Status Check link. On the next page, enter your Application ID or Online Registration ID (OID1000001234) and your date of birth. Then click on I am a human Captcha and fill it and click on Check button.





Passport check

Meaning and Explanation of Different Passport Status | Passport Status Details BD
1. Payment Verification Result – Name Mismatch
Any discrepancy or inconsistency was found in the spelling of the name of money deposited through bank or challan and the spelling of the name in the passport application.

Quickly contact the passport office with a photocopy of your passport receipt, national identity card or birth certificate.

2. Your Application is pending on payment investigation (Amount mismatch or Reference number mismatch)
The amount of money deposited in your challan or the amount of money on the copy of challan and the amount of passport application fee have been averaged.

Contact passport office with photocopy of passport receipt and invoice as soon as possible.





3. Pending for Police Approval

Your application is awaiting receipt of police verification and report. If the applicant’s current address and permanent address are different. More time is require to investigate at different addresses.





4. Pending of Assistant Director / Deputy Director Approval

The passport application will be check by an officer of the rank of Assistant Director/Deputy Director. He will remain in such status until he approves.

It may take maximum 5/6 days to pass this step. If more than 3 weeks have passed, then the police verification report has not yet reached the passport office. That is why the approval by Assistant Director/Deputy Director is delay.





5. Pending for Back end Verification

Pending for Back end Verification means that the information provide by you in the passport application is being check at the central level. The passport application is again check for correctness before sending it to the printing branch in Dhaka. This is usually not a problem. It is done within 2-3 days.






Why can Pending for Back end Verification be a problem?

A number of reasons can cause this problem, the most common ones being,

As the name is not as per the national identity card at the time of passport application, any mistake in parent’s name or spelling can cause problems.

Those who have earlier MRP passport, now apply for e-passport afresh. If there is any major change in your name, parents name in e-passport application. For example, Md. Kamal Uddin in the MRP passport but as per your national identity card you have applied for the e-passport, you have given the name, Md. Kamal Hossain. Any change in such wording may delay its verification.





Pending for Back end Verification issues to do

Normally Pending Back end Verification is not a problem. This step usually takes a maximum of 2 days. There is no reason to worry too much about it.

If you are applying fresh, there should not be any such problem. Wait for 2/3 days.

And if you have previous MRP passport and there is any discrepancy in MRP name/parent’s name/age with current e-passport application, you may have to visit passport office. If this status is not resolve after 4/5 days, you should contact the passport office with the proof of the change in your information or all your necessary documents.





6. Pending for Passport Personalization

In this step, Laser Engraving, HD DOD Color Inject Printing, Security Lamination, Inline Quality Control (Optical and Electronic), RFID Encoding are complete.

7. In Printer Queue
Your passport is waiting at the printing branch for printing.





8. Printing Succeeded

The passport has been print successfully. It is then sent to the Quality Control branch for monitoring.

9. QC Succeeded, Ready for Dispatch
After checking the passport for any errors at the Quality Control branch, if everything is fine, your applied passport is prepared for sending to the office.





10. Passport is Ready, Pending for Issuance

It may take 4/5 days for the passport to arrive at the applied passport office from Dhaka. After it reaches the passport office it is ready for delivery.

Then an SMS will be sent to the applicant’s mobile to collect the passport. Please wait 2 working days if you do not receive the SMS. How do I know if the passport has been issue?

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