How to add a Youtube channel subscribe button to a blogger blog!

How to add a Youtube channel subscribe button to a blogger blog!

How are you all friends, I hope you are well and healthy. The month of Ramadan is coming, I am trying to post something complicated about bloggers, I hope you will stay with me. Anyway, today I brought you a different Wed gegate, I hope you will like it and find it useful. Hmmm, YouTube Subscribe YouTube is very popular at present everyone knows its work, hopefully, nothing new needs to be said. And YouTube like Facebook also has our channel where we upload your video if not then start today. Using it will increase your blog’s name and visitors. Then see the steps below on how to do it. How to add a Youtube channel subscribe button to a blogger blog!









How to Add YouTube Channel Subscribe Button to Blogger Blog
The work is not difficult at all, if you follow a few simple steps, you will be successful in doing the work, then see the tips below and work.





First, go to this page – then go down from the page that will appear and see there is an option called Configure a button in the Contents list and click on it. See the image below.





Now a page will automatically appear on that page, there you will find a page called Configure a button, there you can put your channel name or ID as Channel Name or ID. See the image below.






All you need to do is look there and you will get some codes that you can use in your blog. To use, click on >> Add a Gadget >> Add HTML/JavaScript and copy and paste those codes in the Content room and then save.









For those who are new, to how to get a channel, open, then click on My Channel on the left side and create a channel. Then you can see how to get the channel ID in the below image.







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