How to get your first order on fiver

How to get your first order on fiver

Fiverr is an online marketplace. Where you can save your work. Fiverr provides a platform for freelancers to serve clients worldwide. Basically, not everyone can succeed here. Today I will tell you some methods that you can follow to get success here very quickly. How to get your first order on fiver




As I said earlier if you don’t have patience then this marketplace is not for you, first of all, you have to be patient, then you can survive here, you can never be disappointed, if you can do the following regularly then you can. You will find success here. Below are the points –

1. Rate your gig –

First, you need to rank your gig. Buyers won’t find you without Gig Rank. And if the buyer can’t find the gig on his own, how will he hire you? So gig rank is a big deal. If you don’t know how to rank gigs, you can read the blog below. I think this will help you a lot.

2. Respond quickly –

If you want to get Fiverr First Order, you must respond quickly. For this you need to be online all the time. Try to reply as soon as possible. Because the buyer may give your work to someone else for your late reply. So you must be aware of this in new situations.

3. Price discount –

You can lower your gig price. Because there are many buyers who are basically looking for low price sellers. So you’re better off paying a gig as new. Because the service you are providing is level-1, level-2, the seller provides that service at your price, then why would the buyer give you work without them? They have more experience than you. That is, a price cannot be given that brings the entire market down. Basically, everyone is making this mistake, which is why the quality of work in the online world is going down. You must remember this. Khasi can never be sold at the price of chicken.

4. Offering additional services –

You can offer something extra at your gig that sets it apart from others. You can present it nicely in your gig image. Always try something new. Trying to do something different. Think about how to impress the buyer. Don’t give up.


5. Send Buyer Request –

Since you are new, chances of getting job are less for you than others, so you can send buyer request, which will increase your chances of getting job. If you want to know how to send buyer request, you can read this blog. I hope you benefit a lot. Customer requests can help you get the job done faster.


6. Read Fiverr Blog –

You can read the Fiverr blog. Here you can get an idea of how it works. This will help you a lot in getting the job done and boost your confidence. So read fiver blog regularly.

7. Posted in Fiverr Forum –

Here you can share your problems, what problems, how to solve them, work with them, share your experience. These things will make you more confident. You can also get your first order from here. How to get your first order on fiver

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