How to take care of your baby this summer

How to take care of your baby this summer

Is your beloved child able to adapt to this intense heat and heat! Do you know what health problems children can have in the summer? But don’t worry and take the right precautions, you and your baby can enjoy the summer season to the fullest. How to take care of your baby this summer



children in summer

Many children suddenly develop various problems in hot summer or hot sun. Parents do not understand why the child is sick. You can compare the following symptoms if your baby is also having any problem due to overheating-



1) Heat rash

Small red spots on the skin. These can cause pain. Baby powder or other talcum powder can provide some relief from this rash.




2) Sunburn

Sunburn is so common that no one thinks of it as a problem. But it can cause redness of the skin, peeling of the skin. Even if you get sunburned like this for a long time, it can even cause skin cancer. Children should be taught to use sunscreen and umbrellas to avoid sunburn.




3) Heat cramps

Exercising or playing sports in excessive heat causes the body to sweat essential salts and other fluids, causing sore muscles. After a while, children tend to forget to drink water and this problem is more common.




4) Fatigue

This is a serious problem. This problem occurs in summer if one does not consume enough liquid food. Its main symptoms are:

  • increased thirst
  • Weakness
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • fainting
  • headache
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased body temperature etc

5) Possibility of heat stroke in summer

Many people think that heatstroke only happens to adults. Many people don’t pay attention to it, they think that stroke happens again in the summer or not? The fact is, heatstroke can happen to both children and adults in extreme heat, and it is much more serious than the above two types of illness. It can even cause the death of children. When the body temperature rises to 106°F (41.1°C) or higher in extreme heat, brain tissue is damaged. If emergency treatment is not given in this condition it can lead to death.




Children are more likely to get heatstroke if they wear heavy clothes, or run around and don’t drink enough fluids at the same time. In urban areas, many parents leave their children in the car in the middle of the street to go shopping. In this case, if the outside temperature is 33.9° Celsius, then the temperature inside the car can rise to 51.7° Celsius in just 20 minutes. If the child gets stuck in that car, his body temperature also rises abnormally and gets heatstroke.

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