How to take good photos with mobile

How to take good photos with mobile

This article is written to highlight the ways to take better mobile photos. Those who are very interested in photography, but can’t afford any device other than a mobile to take photos, can read this article to learn about the basics of mobile photography. How to take good photos with mobile







Many people suffer from inferiority complex with low mega pixel camera mobiles. So first of all, you don’t need an expensive camera smartphone to learn mobile photography.

Because a popular saying in photography is that the more broken the camera, the more likely to be a great photographer. But this saying is not so popular. There is a dark reality behind it.






You might be happy to know that not only you, but most of the popular photographers in Bangladesh like you started photography with minimal equipment. This is why they were not afraid to take pictures even in challenging conditions later on. The lack of equipment played a tremendous role in boosting their confidence. This entire article will tell you what camera options you need to turn on to take photos with mobile, how they work and some general rules of mobile photography. Hope you will read very carefully from beginning to end and try to understand.







Rules for holding the mobile phone correctly for taking pictures

Most people can’t take good pictures with mobile phones, because their hands shake while taking pictures. Hand shaking makes the picture blurry, unimportant.

Many a times, the sharpness of the image is damaged due to slight hand shake, but it is not possible to understand it on the small screen of the mobile. If you want to edit the picture on computer or laptop then you have to be disappointed.

Therefore, learning how to hold a mobile phone properly is very important before learning how to take good quality photos with a mobile phone.







Remember, while taking pictures, the mobile should be held with both hands and there should be enough gap between the two legs. If you are still, your photo will be still and clear.

Hold the mobile with at least one elbow touching the stomach. The abdomen expands due to contraction and expansion of the diaphragm during inhalation, so the breath must be held during imaging.







Despite all these precautions, when you press the screen of the mobile phone to capture the picture, many times the hand shakes and the quality of the picture is lost. So you can use volume up/down button instead of screen capture button. This will greatly reduce the fear of camera shake and loss of image quality.







Equipment needed for taking pictures with mobile

Those who take pictures with big cameras, but they do not depend only on the camera for good pictures. Along with the camera they take the help of various equipment as needed.

Not that the camera alone can take pictures, of course, but the role of all these equipments is important in ensuring good quality of pictures.

Similarly, to take good quality photos with a mobile phone, you need to take the help of some equipment. All these tools will help ensure the quality of your photos.








Many people’s hands shake while taking pictures with mobile phones, so good pictures are not obtained. After taking the picture, although the picture taken by us on the small screen of the mobile seems fine, later on the big screen of the computer, the sharpness of the picture is not right, the quality is not good.

A tripod should be used with the mobile to avoid this problem.






the lens

A good external lens can increase the power of our mobile camera by several times. Optical zoom lens, digital zoom lens, wide angle lens, tele lens, macro lens, micro lens, phase eye lens with different names are available in the market for use with mobile phones.

A little later we will discuss the lens in detail.







Adequate storage

As good quality images are usually of higher resolution, they are also much larger in size. So, when it comes to taking more pictures, the low memory of our mobiles can be a major hindrance.






Therefore, every mobile photographer should increase the mobile storage by using external memory with high capacity. Also, it is recommended to go to the camera settings and select external memory as the image source.






Bluetooth shutter trigger

With the help of Bluetooth shutter trigger, you can take pictures by pressing the switch remotely without touching the mobile screen. This device is available to buy in the market at a very affordable price. Various online shopping platforms often offer a Bluetooth shutter trigger for free along with the tripod.

You can use the Bluetooth shutter trigger to take your own photos or make a self-portrait, or if you don’t want someone to be a camera man out of the frame while taking photos with friends.







Ring flash

In this era of tiktok, ring flash has now become a household name. The price of this lighting device has also come down a lot. Good quality multi color ring flash is available in the market for only 700 to 800 taka.

With the ring flash, you can create a suitable environment for taking pictures indoors and take professional quality pictures even in low light.

Some ring flashes have lights with golden and blue period effects in multiple colors, turning them on increases image quality by several times.







Grip and shoot

Taking photos using Grip and Shoot makes it easier to hold and move the mobile. And even if the hand shakes, it does not affect the image quality much. Grip and Shoot is available in the market at a low price. It should be bought for taking good quality pictures with mobile.







Some settings needed to take good photos with mobile

As a mobile photographer, it is very important to have a basic understanding of camera options to take good quality photos with a mobile. This section discusses some of the default camera settings of mobile phones and their usage.







Use of Gridlines in images

One of the easiest and best ways to take beautiful pictures with your mobile is to turn on the camera’s Gridline option When this option is turned on, two horizontal and two vertical lines are displayed on the mobile screen, which helps to follow a special rule of photography called ‘Rules of Thirds’.

According to the Rule of Thirds in photography, if we divide an image into nine equal parts, there will be four points of intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. If the location of the object we are taking a picture of with the mobile phone is in these intersections, then it can be said that the picture is following the rules of thirds.






Grids are used not only to follow the rules of thirds, but also to balance the image Needless to say, even if the grid is visible on the mobile screen while taking the picture, there will be no trace of the grid in the picture you take.

Most of the smartphones now have this option called gridline If lucky you can get it on Baton Mobile too






Adjust the focus of the camera

The cameras of today’s mobile phones are very advanced It can automatically find and focus on the potential subject of the photo

But the problem is, many times we don’t have any specific subject in our pictures Or the mobile camera makes a mistake in recognizing the desired subject in a crowd of multiple objects

The easiest solution to such a problem is to gently press the object on the mobile screen that you want to focus on. As a result, that area will be sharper than other parts







Using Focus Lock

Some mobiles have a special feature called focus lock This feature is most useful for taking pictures of moving objects

After focusing on an object, if that object changes position, focus is usually lost Then the exposure of the image changes automatically when refocusing

The way out of this problem is to press and hold a moving object on the screen before taking a picture. If your mobile has an option called Focus Lock, you will see a message like this in English, ‘Focus Locked’ on the screen.







When focus is locked, focus will not move on the subject no matter where it moves on the screen. So there is no need to repeatedly press to focus on moving subjects and the quality of the image will not be lost by changing the exposure.

If your mobile doesn’t have the focus lock feature, there is an app called Open Camera that you can download. In this app you will get many more advanced features besides focus lock, which will help you a lot at various times.






Use of High Dynamic Range (HDR).

We often take pictures in places where there is light and darkness Taking pictures in such places is usually quite difficult Because there are different layers of light, it is difficult to control the light equally in all areas If you increase the light in one place, the light in another place decreases or the exposure is increased and it becomes too white





HDR or High Dynamic Range feature can be turned on to get rid of this problem while taking photos on mobile When it is turned on, the mobile camera automatically brings multiple layers of light into just one layer for uniform quality images.






But don’t assume that turning on HDR will result in the same amount of light throughout the image The lighting will still be different everywhere, but the quality of the areas of the image that are underlit will not be lost. As a result, the image will have equal detail everywhere and will look beautiful






Buy Exartanal lenses for mobile use

Many people may think, why mobile photographers need to know such deep things, it is solved by knowing about some internal features. But this idea is actually not correct. Since mobile photographers have small footprints, they should ensure maximum use of whatever is available in the small footprint.

In this section we will learn about some special lenses for use with mobiles. All these lenses can be easily ordered from various online shopping platforms.






Optical zoom

There are two types of zoom lenses available in the market for mobile photographers. One is the optical zoom lens and the other is the digital zoom lens.

Among these two zoom lenses, the optical zoom lens is made on the model of a normal film camera, so their quality is much more standard. On the other hand, a digital zoom lens is not megapixel dependent, so using it will zoom the image properly, but the image resolution and quality will be lost.







Macro lens

To photograph the subject we focus on the subject from a certain distance. As a result, the subject’s image appears on the mobile phone. If we move towards the subject, i.e. start reducing the distance, after a while the image becomes blurry.

So small in size, we often fail to capture perfect images of such subjects. To overcome this problem, the camera of today’s mobile phones has a default option called macro.

If someone’s mobile doesn’t have this option, they can buy a macro lens. It is possible to take wonderful pictures with its help.







Wide angle lens

Wide angle mode is very rare in most common mobiles, almost a matter of luck.

If the distance between the subject and our mobile phone is short, the entire image of the subject does not come to our camera. As a result, an imperfection remains in the picture.

You can order wide angle lens to solve this problem. With this, it will be possible to capture wide-angle images on the mobile very well.







Fish eye lens

A fisheye lens can make the image more visible at a shorter distance than a wide angle lens. It is also not available in ordinary mobile phones.

The problem with this lens is that taking pictures using it leaves black spots around the frame of the picture, which is not very pleasing to look at.







Correct use of white balance

White balance means maintaining the white color balance. Maintaining the white balance in the image is very important to get the correct color image. Because our cameras do not recognize any color properly. We give them color And use white balance to know the color!

When we tell our cameras white, it can recognize other colors based on that white.

All of our mobiles usually have a white balance feature. This feature includes several options like Cloudy, Fluorescent, Sun or Surya, Clouds etc.







When we take a picture, the mobile camera does not understand the environment in which we are taking the picture. As a result, the camera adjusts a desired white balance.

Depending on the light source and the amount of light we can choose the white balance option. This will increase the image quality several times.

For example, when we are taking photos in sunlight, if we use the sun option of the white balance, then the color of all objects will change slightly in the presence of the sun and we can see the correct color in the image.

If there is no option in white balance that matches the environment around us, then it is better to choose auto balance.







Shutter speed

All types of mobiles have shutter speed feature. But the surprising thing is that most of the mobile photographers do not know its proper use. It is very important to know how to use mobile to take good pictures.

The word Shutter comes from Shut, which means to close. Shutter speed controls the amount of light entering the lens of the mobile phone and stopping the flow of light.

In simple words, the option through which we can control the amount of light entering through the lens of the camera is called shutter speed.

If more light is required during mobile photography, the shutter speed should be increased. Again, if the light requirement is low, the shutter speed should be reduced.








Remember, the higher the shutter speed, the sharper the moving subject, and the slower the shutter speed, the more blurred the subject becomes.

Take a picture of the fan above your head with the shutter speed increased once and then decreased the next time to see the example for yourself!

In most cases, photographers prefer the highest shutter speed for better output.

It is better to say, shutter speed 50 means, a time of 50th of a second, and shutter speed 300 means, a picture is taken with a time of 300th of a second.







Breast mood

Imagine you are photographing a moving object. The most common problem when taking such pictures is that the subject becomes the object before the capture button is clicked on the mobile phone for quick repositioning.

To solve this problem, you need to turn on the burst mode of the camera. If you click the shutter button to take pictures of moving objects with this option turned on, multiple pictures will be taken simultaneously. Needless to say, as long as the shutter button is pressed and held, the picture will continue to be taken automatically. A maximum of 100 pictures can be taken simultaneously in this way.

Some of these pictures will definitely be to your liking. You can keep the favorite pictures and delete the rest later.








By now you must have understood that when taking a picture with a mobile phone, the light enters through the lens of the mobile phone and enters the sensor. This capacity of the sensor is called ISO. Simply put, ISO is a measure of light sensitivity.

There is no need to know details about ISO for now. All you need to know is that increasing the ISO of a mobile camera increases the light sensitivity, which makes it possible to take good pictures even in low light. Lowering the ISO will do the opposite.







Depth of Field (Depth of Field)

Although the word depth means ‘depth’, here the word depth means ‘clean’. Depth of Field is used to indicate how much space is clearly visible in an image.

If the whole of an image is clear, we can say that the image is clear or the depth of field is high. And if the whole picture is not clearly visible, then it must be said that the depth of field of that picture is less.

Depth of field can be controlled in different ways. However, controlling the depth of field by decreasing the aperture is relatively more popular with photographers.







Think, 10 people are standing, if you want to frame all those 10 clearly, then you have to increase the aperture to maximize the depth of field of the picture. As a result, everyone in the picture should look equally clear.

But if you want to show only one of these 10 people clearly and blur the faces of the others, then the depth of field of the image should be minimized by reducing the aperture. As a result, only one will be clearly visible, while the others will be blurred.








Many people may have noticed that if you take a picture with a mobile phone in low light, there is a jitter like small grains on one side of the picture, which is called noise in the language of photography.

If you take pictures with a mobile phone in low light, more or less noise appears in all the pictures. Noise may not always be visible on the small screen of a mobile phone, but it is clearly visible on a large screen of a laptop or PC.

We have to be extremely careful about noise while taking pictures with mobile phones. Because noise alone is enough to ruin the quality of a great picture and make it unusable!

Increasing the iOS to increase the brightness of a low-light photo usually increases the amount of noise at a proportional rate. So it is better not to extend iOS beyond the need.







Light Painting

The option of light painting can be seen in the latest mobiles. With the help of this option, it is possible to understand how much light is entering through the lens and what kind of changes are taking place in the image.

Even, with this option you can let the light enter the lens according to your needs. As the sensor capacity is high in this type of camera, relatively large amount of light can be received by the sensor.

With the help of this feature, you can control the image quality as per your wish by taking the light as needed. As a result, every photo you take will be brilliantly colorful.

However, in some cases letting in too much light can result in the image being badly overexposed and looking bad. But actually, it’s not that big of a problem. Because the control of the light is in your hands.







DSLR cameras also don’t offer advanced features like light painting, which you get in smartphones these days. So it can be easily assumed that the DSLR camera market can be eaten by modern smartphones in the near future.







Good quality pickup technique with mobile

Photographers try to follow several rules or fundamentals for good photography. As a mobile photographer you also need to be aware of them. It is not possible to discuss all the basic techniques of photography here. So some popular techniques, which are not mentioned, are briefly discussed.







Golden Hour and Blue Hour

Those who go for a walk outside in the afternoon or wake up early in the morning and go to the balcony or roof to look around, must have noticed that the sun emits a yellow light at this time, which mixes with a golden hue, radiating a warm and soft light. This period is called the Golden Dawn in the language of photography.

More simply, the hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset is called the golden hour. This period is considered ideal for photography.

On the other hand, 15 to 20 minutes before sunrise and 20 to 25 minutes after sunset are called blue hours. It is also possible to take beautiful professional quality photos at this time.







Golden and Blue Hours are considered the most desirable times for photographers to take pictures. Photographers wait day after day for the gentle glow of the sun to become clearer in the cloudless sky.

To know more about Golden and Blue Hour and to know when and where Golden and Blue Hour will be in your area, download the software called ‘Golden Hour’ from Play Store.

Do not take photos using filters

A bad habit many of us have is that we use different third party cameras for editing instead of the default camera while taking pictures, because they can take pictures using different filters.

By taking photos using this filter, we unknowingly compromise the quality of the photos Also, when the original image is needed in the future, it is no longer possible to obtain it, resulting in frustration

Remember, a picture taken without a filter you can later apply thousands of filters to your liking with the help of various editing apps. But you will never be able to edit images that have filters applied They will remain unchanged







Positive and negative space

Negative and positive space are basically part of the ‘Rule of Space’ segment of photography. Although most people are not aware of this rule, they apply it unconsciously.

Positive space refers to taking a photo with a little space in the direction the subject is looking or pointing. It feels good to take pictures like this.

On the other hand, negative space means taking a picture with quite a bit of space opposite to where the subject is looking or pointing.

If you pay attention to the positive and negative space while taking a picture with a mobile phone, the picture looks beautiful. Many people use such pictures as cover pictures on social media.






view point

Simply put, the point at which the camera is positioned to capture the subject is called the point of view.

Usually, there are numerous view points for photographing each subject. Each tries to photograph the subject from a different point of view. The ability to understand which view point is best to see a subject grows over time.

One of the main characteristics of a good photographer is that he knows from which point of view of a subject at which angle the picture will look good. You also don’t have to rush to find the right vantage point to take pictures.







Low Light

  • In the past, good photos could not be taken with mobile phones in low light. But now the era has changed. With today’s smartphone camera, it is possible to take good pictures even in low light. But in this case you have to follow certain rules to take pictures.
  • Maintaining correct exposure is very important when shooting in low light. Those who do not have the feature to control the exposure in their mobile, they can download the application called Open Camera from the Play Store. This app has all kinds of advanced features including exposure lock.
  • All options should be kept under your control while taking pictures in low light with mobile. Turning on auto mode may degrade image quality.
  • Maximize the shutter. It allows the maximum amount of light to enter through the lens. If one has stabilization option in mobile, then enable it. The details of the picture will not be lost, the picture will be sharp. If you don’t have a stabilization system, you can use a tripod.
  • I have already said about white balance. For low-light photography, use one of the custom options instead of leaving the white balance in auto mode. If you’re shooting under bulb or candlelight, select the White Balance option for them. Don’t use the default flash of the mobile. This thing is a master at ruining picture quality.
  • Take photos at the highest resolution. It is better not to zoom while taking pictures with mobile in low light. Zooming in reduces image resolution.

How to take portrait photos with mobile

It is possible to take very good quality portrait photos with mobile phones. Many people have a different mood for taking portrait photos on their mobile phones. Maybe you have it on your mobile too. You may have taken a lot of pictures with it before, but are they as good as you like? If not, continue reading without skipping the rest of the article.

The first condition for portrait photography is light

  • Taking good quality portrait photos with a mobile first requires a light source that can reflect a good amount of light. Ring flash can be used in this case. Hope you weren’t shocked by the name Ring Flash. Because this device has already been discussed.
  • Keep in mind that the light source should not be behind the subject. The source should be placed in front of the subject and facing away. If a bit of light and shadow can be brought in without completely flat lighting, then that should be done.
  • Because, photos taken in flat light are not eye-catching, look boring. For example, passport size photos taken for our job, school, college. No matter how good they are, they will look boring. A good photographer takes portrait pictures in such a way that the picture is not boring to look at.
  • However, the light source cannot be placed too low in relation to the subject. This can make the subject look ghostly. Reflectors can be used as light sources as well, wherever photographs are taken indoors and outdoors. Reflector makes the subject of the photo more clear.

Be aware of subject and object

Taking good quality portrait photos with a mobile requires separating the subject from the objects. To do this, photographers dress the subject in different colors so that it can stand out in the object and the viewer’s eye falls on the subject first. You can try this too.

Remember, portraits should not contain too many elements. The fewer the elements, the better. Also, the aperture should be kept to a minimum.

There should be some space between the subject and the background behind the subject. There will be no problem with shadows and good depth of field. And, many people zoom in on portraits. Can’t be singled out. Rather, the camera should be moved closer to the subject and photographed.








If the subject i.e. whose portrait is being made, he is serious or forced to smile, then the picture will not come out well. Ask the subject to pronounce “pe-po-c……” with a slight pull. And in this gap you take the picture. You will see in the picture, he is smiling and it is not an artificial smile!







Mirror Me

A common problem when taking portrait photos is that the subject and the model can’t pose! Looking at the style of standing in front of the camera, it seems that there is no strength in the knees, they will fall right away, or they have not learned to stand straight!

The best solution to this problem is to search the internet and get ideas about various poses and standings and then tell your model, ‘Mirror Me’… then pose and take pictures as you like.







Our last words

Finally, I would like to share with you the open secret of becoming a good mobile photographer. If you don’t understand any of the above and just want to know one thing and become a better photographer, listen up.

The secret is, take more pictures. If you are disappointed by this, you should look elsewhere. Because, the most common characteristic of photographers is that they love photography. They find pure joy in framing any moment, be it good or bad.







The more photos you take, the more your experience basket will grow. Slowly the various features of the mobile camera will come to your fingertips.

Believe me, if you can ensure the correct use of seventy percent of the features that you have on your mobile, if not one hundred percent, then you will understand that you have gone ahead of many DSLR photographers.

Hope after reading the whole article you have benefited from reading the basic ways to take good mobile photos. Comment for any feedback, stay well till next article.

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