Method of taking loan in Islamic Bank

Method of taking loan in Islamic Bank

Welcome back to our website. Today I have come to you with a new topic. Hope today’s article will be useful for you. So guys let’s move to the main discussion. Method of taking loan in Islamic Bank






The main topic of discussion in this registration is the method of taking loans in Islamic banks and the types of loans. For those friends who want to take loan in Islami Bank but don’t know how to take it and what documents are required, our today’s registration is perfect for those friends. If you want to take a loan from Islami Bank, you can collect all the information from here and know what documents are required and approach your nearest Islami Bank.







Method of taking loan in Islamic Bank

Debt system has been in operation since ancient times. Every person wants to make a change in his life. And that change requires money. Humans are social creatures. Living in this society requires many things. In ancient times, people used to take loans from landlords or kings to do agricultural work to support their families for their livelihood.






But in the evolution of time, that custom no longer exists. In present era, many public private commercial banks and various NGOs have been established to provide loans to people. In this light, today we have discussed in detail about Islami Bank’s loan system. Read the entire registration carefully to know the details about Islami Bank’s loan procedure.







Pre-conditions for taking loan in Islamic Bank

There are certain policies or pre-conditions for Islamic bank loans. Any person must follow the necessary policies of the bank to take a loan from this bank. The prerequisites are:-

1. To take loan in this bank first you need to open an account. If you are a customer of Islami Bank then you can easily take loan from that bank.

2. Should be a citizen of Bangladesh

3. The person must be 26 years or above to avail the loan.

4. Must have national identity card.

5. Individual must have monthly income.








Investment Methodology of Islami Bank

There are 15 types of investment methods in Islami Bank. If you want, you can take the investment method you want to take from here through Islami Bank.

1) Household Durables Scheme (HDS)

2) Investment Scheme for Doctors (ISD)

3) “Transport Investment Scheme (TIS)”” Transport investment system

4) “Car Investment Scheme (CIS)”

5) Small Business Investment Scheme (SBIS)

6) “Micro Industries Investment Scheme (MIIS)”” Micro Industries Investment Scheme

7) “Agricultural Implement Investment Scheme (AIIS)”” Agriculture implementation investment system

8) “Housing Investment Program (HIP)”” Housing Investment Program

9) “Real Estate Investment (Commercial & Working Capital)”

10) Agricultural Investment of IBBL. Agricultural Investment of Islami Bank

11) NRB (Non Resident Bangladeshi) Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme (NEIS).

12) Women Entrepreneurs Investment Scheme (WEIS).

13) “Housing Investment Program for the Govt. Employees (HIPGE)” “Housing Investment Program for Govt. employee

14) “Palli Griho Nirman Beniyog Prakalpa (PGNBP)” “Palli Griho Construction Investment Scheme”

15) “Solar Panel Investment Scheme (SPIS)”” Solar Panel Investment Scheme








Method of taking loan in Islamic Bank

1) Household Durables Scheme (HDS)

The main objective of this investment is to increase the standard of living and standard of living of the fixed income group and expand their investment opportunities for purchasing household goods.







Who can apply?

Permanent Officers of Govt / Semi Govt / Autonomous Bodies / Corporations / Banks & FIs / Defense Forces / Madrasas / Schools / Colleges / University Teachers / Traders / Home Owners of Metropolitan and other District Head Quarters / Professionals (Doctors / Engineers / Lawyers etc.) / Existing Clients / Wage Earners / University / Medical Students / Officials of Reputed Private Firms can apply for this investment.







Product/item type

Invests in the purchase of electronics and electrical products, motor cycles/bi-cycles, furniture/fixtures, ornaments, machinery/equipment etc. for medical and engineering students.







Type of investment

Bai-Muazzal / HPSM (according to type of items)

Duration of investment

Investment repayment period is maximum 4 years.

Rate of return on investment

9.00% or such rate as may be determined by the Bank from time to time.

Amount of investment

Offers investments up to Rs 0.20 million without collateral and up to Rs 1.00 million with collateral.







Bank participation

i In case of consumer goods: Investment equity ratio is 30 : 70
ii. In case of Digital Devices (Desktop, Laptop, Tab, Mobile etc.): Investment Equity Ratio 70 : 30







Islami Bank Loan Procedure 2022
Age limit of applicant

Students must be at least 18 years of age; Others – Minimum 21 years and maximum 65 years. Age limit can be relaxed up to 70-years for those who have adequate collateral, social repulant, sustainable income, healthy body and capable descendants.







Whatever it takes for security

Consent of guardian + guarantee of spouse / guardian / next of kin + applicant’s testimonial / liquid securities / post dated check / surety (if applicable) scanning copy of all documents to be submitted.






How to apply

If you want to apply for this investment, then you need to collect the application form from the nearest branch of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

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