Romania visa check

Romania visa check

If you want to visit Romania and already have Romania work permit visa in hand then you should know about Romania work permit visa checking rules. That is, you can check the Romania visa online to know whether your visa is original or fake. Besides, you will not face any kind of problem later if you check the matter. Today’s post is for those who do not know the rules of Romania visa check. Therefore, Romania visa check book. Those who want to do it with passport number must read today’s post in detail. Romania visa check







Why Romania Work Permit Visa Check is Important

Romania visa check is a very important task. Especially when you have applied for a Romania visa or received a Romania visa, it is necessary to verify the Romania visa.






By checking the Romania visa, you can know what kind of work you have got in Romania, whether the type of work mentioned in the visa is correct, whether the visa is original or not and many other things. So if you are going to work in Romania then you must check the visa after receiving the visa.






Romania visa check online / romania visa check

If you have got the Romania work permit visa, then you can easily check the Romania work permit visa by using the following method.







Step 1:

First you need to go directly to Romania Visa Check website using link. After coming to the website you will see a page like below.






Now the CMP number that is on your work permit visa should be placed in the box below the login button.







Step 2:

Then directly click on the enter button. After clicking, your company name details will come down.



Click directly on the company name. Then the company name will come up and show all the information here. From here you can check the company name, Equid no, Registry number mentioned in your visa.







Step 3:

This should be done on the three dot icon above. From here, click on the online access button directly. Then you can see a button called public profile at the bottom.







Step 4:

Directly click on public profile button then you will be taken to another page. Now you have to come down a little from here and by chatting or emailing Technical services and assistance on their helpline, you can know whether your visa is original or fake.








I hope those who have read today’s post have got the right idea about Romania visa check or how to check Romania visa online very easily. So those who have received Romania visa can check their visa very easily with this rule. Even after that, if there is any question about this, then you can let us know by commenting.

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