Skin care at night

Skin care at night

Those who work outside all day accumulate dirt on their skin. After returning home in the evening or at night. It is important to remove the accumulated dirt and used makeup from the skin. This is the main reason why night makeup is necessary. What should be the makeup of the night? Routine depends on many things. Such as age, season, weather, air humidity etc. Skin care at night




The skin

To keep the skin beautiful, it must be kept clean. Acne can occur if the skin is not cleansed properly. The skin becomes uneven. So, if you clean your face before going to bed at night, the skin will be completely fresh throughout the night. Excessive sweating in our hot country makes the skin oily and moist. In this case it is very good to wash the face with mild soap and water. However, on dry skin, cleansing lotions or creams can be used instead of soap. Wet cotton should be used for cleaning.





First, wash your face with a face wash that suits your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you can use herbal face wash.





Then use Facepack. You can make it at home. For dry skin 1 tablespoon of uptan + 1 teaspoon of curd + 1 teaspoon of milk or milk. For oily and combination skin: 1 tablespoon Uptan + 1 teaspoon yogurt + 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

Mix them together and apply on the face. Do not dry completely, when half dry wash the face with a light scrub. You can add rose water to the pack, which is good for all skin types.





For those with dry skin, apply just 2-3 drops of baby oil on a wet face as a moisturizer. Moisturizers should not be used on oily skin. Adding vitamin E to night cream is beneficial. Because vitamin E keeps the skin youthful. For acne, those with oily skin and acne, wash off the pack and use an astringent instead of a moisturizer.




Homemade astringents are rose water and cucumber juice. It is better to keep them in the fridge and keep them cool. You can make ice-cubes by keeping cucumber juice in a freezer. Rub a cube on your face every night without going through the trouble of making juice. Mix equal amounts of mint leaves and neem leaves and apply only on pimples and blemishes and sleep. Wash it off in the morning. Mint leaves are very beneficial for acne.




The eyes

To reduce the dark circles of the eyes, before sleeping, keep the grated cucumber or potato cool or cool tea bag on the eyes for 10-15 minutes.




Hands and feet

Wash your feet and apply lotion every night before going to bed. Apart from this, what you can do twice or once a week as a regular care is to first clean your feet with soap at night, make a mixture of 2 tablespoons of warm olive oil + 1 teaspoon of salt and massage it well on your feet. Dead cells will fall off, ankles will be soft, blood circulation will be good.




The hair

For those with long hair, braid them before going to bed. It will not rub the hair all night. If you have short hair, there is no problem in sleeping with it open. Oil massage will improve sleep.





Massage olive oil on your toenails before going to bed to reduce the problem of cracked or broken nails. Nails will be moisturized throughout the night.





When everything is done, why is the pair of lips left? To get soft pink lips, mix a little salt with Vaseline and massage the lips and wash them every night. It will shed the dead cells of the lips and bring shine. Skin care at night





One should never go to sleep without removing makeup. Whenever applying makeup, the face must be cleansed otherwise it will damage the skin.


Regular use of moisturizer is also very important. Throughout the day, moisture is lost from the skin, if not at night, the skin will get wrinkles. For those who work at home, washing their hands every time can cause dry skin and wrinkles. So you need to use moisturizer regularly. It nourishes the skin.


Develop the habit of drinking water regularly. Water is also essential for keeping the stomach clean. You can have a cup of Chinese jasmine tea after eating at night, it will not accumulate fat in the body. Drink a glass of water before going to bed. Skin care at night

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