eating rice at night can cause cancer

Sleeping right after eating rice at night can cause cancer

Many people feel heavy in the stomach after eating so they lie down immediately after eating or some fall asleep. Many people lie down immediately after a meal to relieve the tiredness of the day. Because they think they feel a little peace or relaxation. But scientists have a completely different opinion. Scientists have proven that lying down after eating can cause indigestion, acidt, weight gain. When we finish the day’s activities and return home in the evening, we prepare food and get ready to sleep immediately. Sleeping right after eating rice at night can cause cancer



The body feels very tired in the busyness of activities throughout the day, so after coming home, after eating, we fall asleep very quickly and we lie down and fall asleep. We think this is good for us because we are able to recharge ourselves once we lie down to rest after a long tiring day. But this is not the case at all, when you return home after a long day and go to bed immediately after eating rice, the food refluxes in your esophagus. It grows slowly.




Esophageal Cancer Symptoms – Avoid lying down after dinner:

Avoid lying down immediately after eating at night. After meal sit and watch TV or go for a walk. You will begin to digest your foods. After two hours you can sleep.




Esophageal cancer symptoms – the evils of lying down after eating dinner?

If you lie down before this, the food accumulates in the esophagus and such accumulation can lead to serious and serious problems like cancer.

So every person should walk or neither sleep nor lie down for at least two hours after meals at night. After a day’s work you will definitely feel tired but eating early at night is not a problem. The problem is when you lie down after eating.

So to keep the body beautiful and free from diseases, exercise for at least two hours at night without sleeping after eating.




Esophageal cancer symptoms – what happens if you don’t eat dinner?
What happens if you don’t eat dinner?

Just as it is a problem if you lie down or fall asleep after eating dinner, it can be more than if you fall asleep without eating dinner. Among the problems that can be caused by not eating at night are mainly:

  • Slowly getting thinner
  • Decreased vitamin deficiency
  • Micro nutritional deficiencies
  • Magnesium Vitamin B12 Vitamin D Three Deficiency occurs
  • Damage to metabolism
  • Cholesterol and thyroid deficiency can be observed




Esophageal Cancer Symptoms – When is Sunnah to Eat Dinner?

According to experts, it is best to have dinner between 6 pm and 7 pm. Eating dinner late at night does not enable the body to achieve complete nutrition. And at this time i.e. eating between six and seven o’clock is the appropriate Sunnah in the Islamic body. And by eating rice for many nights, the body fails to produce calories and is converted into fatty acids called triglycerides, which are harmful to the body.




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