Some Important Tricks of Windows Ten

Some Important Tricks of Windows Ten

We all use Windows Ten on Windows PC or laptops. Microsoft has always claimed that Windows Ten is the best version of Windows they have ever made. According to their claim, Windows Ten has more features than all previous Windows versions and is faster and more reliable than before. Some Important Tricks of Windows Ten







Anyway, today I will discuss five Windows Ten tricks that you should know if you are a Windows Ten user. Several of these tricks may be familiar to you, having been used for a long time. Again, you may not have noticed and used them after Windows has been running for a long time.







Night light

This feature is well-known to smartphone users. The night light is basically a feature or a setting that will protect your eyes while using your device at night or help reduce the pressure on your eyes. You can find the Night Light option by going to the Display section of the Windows 10 PC’s Settings menu. From there, if you activate the night light, you will see a kind of orange color shade given to your display which will comfort your eyes while using the device at night. You can also set how deep or light this shade will be as per your wish. You can also set a custom routine so that the night light will automatically activate and deactivate at your convenience. The night light can also be activated using F.lux software.







Smartphone notification sync

To sync all notifications live from your smartphone to your PC, you just need to install the Android version of Microsoft Cortana on your smartphone and log in to Cortana on your phone with the same Microsoft account that is logged in on your PC. Then you need to go to the settings menu of Windows Ten on your PC and go to Cortana settings. In Cortana settings, you will find an option called Notification Settings. Now you just have to enable the Send Notification Between Devices option from the notification settings. You must have an internet connection on your PC as well as your smartphone in order to use this feature. For this feature, you will need the latest version of Windows 10 i.e. the Creators Update.






You won’t find the Cortana app on the Play Store. Because it is not officially available in Bangladesh. If you want, you can download the Cortana application from this link.







Built-in disk cleaner

Many of us use many types of third-party programs to scan and delete unnecessary files on PC. There are many more such junk cleaner applications like CC leaner, PC Cleaner, etc. But such programs should not always be used. While these are useful in many cases, being third-party programs, they are never the perfect solution for cleaning files. The built-in disk cleaner in Windows Ten is often unknown to people. You just need to go to Windows Ten’s Settings menu and go to System Settings to Storage Options. Here you will find an option called Storage Sense.







By enabling this option, you will never have to think about disk cleaning again. Whenever the number of unnecessary files on your PC increases, Windows will automatically clean the disk and clean all unnecessary cache files and temporary files, and if you want to clean the disk manually, Windows has default tools for that too. You just need to click on the start button and type Disk Cleanup in the search. After that, the disk cleanup tool will open in front of you and you can select any drive from there and clean files.







Desktop screenshot

Taking screenshots is very easy on smartphones, but not so easy on desktops/PC. Yes, the task of taking screenshots on the desktop can be made much easier by installing various third-party screenshot programs. But Windows also has a default first-party program for taking screenshots, although not many PC users know about this program. Screenshots can be taken anytime on a PC by pressing the Insert Print Screen button on the keyboard. But, in that case, you cannot resize the screenshot or take a screenshot by selecting a small area. Your screenshot is copied to the clipboard and you have to paste the screenshot back into an image editor program and then edit it again or save it.







But for taking screenshots and simultaneously cropping screenshots or taking screenshots by selecting a specific area, Windows has another default program called Snapshot. You will not always find this program in front of your eyes. So before taking a screenshot, you need to open the program by searching for it from the Windows Start menu. After writing the word snipping in the search bar of the start menu, you will find the program in the search results above. Then the program will open in a small wide window.







Built-in emoji input

There are very few people who use a Windows PC or laptop and have never had a problem with entering emojis into a text field. Because, on Windows devices, there is no option to insert emojis on the traditional hardware keyboard that we type on.







It will work anywhere you have a place to type something in Windows. For this, you just need to press the windows key and full stop key while typing. This means, while typing, hold down the Windows logo button on the keyboard and press the full stop button. Then a small popup window will open in front of you where there are all types of emojis and you can select any emoji from there and enter it in the text field. If you want, you can search by typing the name of the emoji you are looking for and entering this popup window.

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