URL Shortnar Website for Shortner Website Script Blogspot

URL Shortnar Website for Shortner Website Script Blogspot

Shortener Website Script: Many bloggers have been asking me for Shortener Website Script for Blogspot for a long. This is today’s post to keep at their request. I think this post will be very useful for those of you who want to open a URL shortener website on BlogSpot. How to download and how install is discussed below.






URL Shortnar Website for Shortner Website Script Blogspot

What is a URL shortener?

URL link shortener is basically a method of shortening long links. And there are some tools to shorten links and they are called link shorteners.







Why link shorteners are used

Link shortener is mainly used to hide or shorten any link. You can make your links attractive and smart by using a link shortener. Usually, when we visit any e-commerce site, we will see the product links are very big. And this big link can be shortened by using a link shortener.







How to download it?

Click here first

Then click on Click Here To Get Link.

Then wait 15 seconds.

Then click on Go To Link. If you do, you will get the download link. You can download it from there and use it on your Blogspot.

How to install it on Blogspot?

First, you log in to Blogspot with your email.

Then click on the Theme option.

Click on the Edit HTML option.

Then paste the downloaded codes into those codes.

Then post anyone.

Then shorten a link. You will see your website is ready.

Features of Shortener Website Script

Google Adsense Friendly

Any text and images are variable

Optimize high-quality ads revenue

Facebook and WhatsApp share

The site is very light and

High spread








Below are the download link and live preview link.

Live Preview


Shortener website script code details

Favicon: favicon.png

Background Color: #FF0000

Background Stars: flowers.gif

Side Image 1: trishula-durga.png

Side Image 2: lion.png

Glitters Code: Red-glitter.gif

Image 1: abcdxyz.png

Audio Player:

Image 2: Rxyz PNG-Image-Transparent.png

Image 2: lion.png








Slideshow Code: slideshow-container

Slideshow Timer:

YouTube Code:

Adsense Code


Don’t forget to comment if any problem.

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