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Ways to keep body and mind healthy 2023

There is no substitute for good health to lead a healthy and successful life. Good health is very important for our every life and we all want to live in the world. A healthy person so we want to know different tips and benefits from different places on how to keep body and mind healthy. Sometimes we ask google about ways to keep body and mind healthy and google gives us various suggestions as ways. In fact, Google always provides correct information. Ways to keep body and mind healthy 2023



Not even that. So we all should know that having a clear and correct idea about good health and beautiful mind as well as the way to keep body and mind healthy is indispensable.




What are the ways to keep the body and mind healthy?

The way to keep the body and mind healthy is to be free from tension, and this is the most important point that if avoided, a person can lead a life with a healthy and beautiful mind. If you spend your days feeling depressed and anxious, you will find that your body and mind are not growing well even in a good environment with good food. So as a way to keep your body and mind healthy and beautiful, you should first of all be stress free and worry free. Always smiling To get through difficult times easily solve by sitting quietly and thinking without being cheerful and excited. Being cheerful with everyone. Small world as much as possible i.e. away from the internet to sit and chat with loved ones who bring your life from inside to outside of mobile.




the body and mind healthy

It will make your mind beautiful and both your mind and health will improve while living with healthy environment. As much as you are connected to the internet you will become depressed and like a prisoner in a prison. Once your mind is unwilling to see the outside scene, you will feel that the online world i.e. the little world is your happiest time. So before you face such situation you need to get out of there to have a healthy and beautiful mind and before you become addicted to internet. We often talk or chat with someone over mobile or internet as a way to keep our body and mind healthy.



We feel happy for a while and when we talk or chat we feel good only to ourselves during that conversation but when we turn off the conversation we start feeling bad again. And slowly when you become an internet addict, you will not like the scenery outside, walk outside and talk to anyone outside. This is a downside of the internet.




Acceptable foods to keep body and mind healthy:

You must eat mature and nutritious food to keep your body and mind healthy. All foods do not contain all types of nutrients, so according to the needs of your body, you need to eat nutritious food in sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, milk, yogurt, bananas, raw fruits, etc. Eat fresh food. But remember one thing when you buy fruits and vegetables from the market and do not prepare them for food as soon as you bring them home.



Because unscrupulous traders use various medicines and pesticides inside these vegetables, fruits, fish and meat to keep them green and fresh for a long time. Can cause various types of serious damage. So whatever fish, meat, fruits and vegetables you buy from the market, soak them in water for 15 to 20 minutes and later you can cook them for food and you must cook curry on high flame.




Foods you can eat to keep your body and mind healthy:

1. Green and fresh vegetables
2. Fresh fruit
3. Different types of meat
4. Different types of pulses
5. old fish
6. Moderate and safe water (water should be boiled)
7. Sweet foods in moderation (not applicable to diabetics)
8. Emphasis should be placed on using pure mustard oil in cooking. 9. Avoid buying rotten and stale fish meat fruits.
10. Curries should be cooked on moderate heat and using the right spices.




How important is water to keep the body and mind healthy?

We know that water is another name of life from childhood. A person can live for a long time without eating rice, fish, meat, fruits. But it becomes very difficult and impossible for a person to pass a day without drinking water. So water is important and providing food to every animal to save our life and live successfully. So we have to take care that this important drink is clean and not contaminated. The water that we drink must first be heated to 100 degrees. By heating the water, the insects and germs in it that we cannot see with the naked eye die and freeze to the bottom and the water above becomes pure enough for us to eat. Therefore, before drinking water, water must be purified and made suitable for food.




Importance of good environment to keep body and mind healthy:

Just as we need to eat healthy and nutritious water, food, fish, meat, fruits, etc. to keep our body and mind healthy, we also need to live in a healthy environment to keep our body and mind healthy. We have to take care of how healthy or pollution free the environment we live in. We all know that environment means everything around us. Such as plants, rivers, canals, dog ponds, etc. In order not to contaminate the pond next to us, we will not leave the pollutant in the pond. Dead animals and soap suds contaminate the water, and soap suds contain alkaline substances, so the aquatic organisms in the water die from this alkaline effect and rot, polluting the water. We will try to keep the environment fresh by planting plants around us.




Importance of Neighbors or Classmates as a way to keep body and mind healthy:

Just as food depends on clothing and environment to keep our mind and body healthy, daily choice of schoolmates is very important to keep our mind and body healthy because the people we walk, talk, play with constantly are what they are like. Special attention should be paid to behavioral traits etc. Suppose you choose a neighbor or a classmate and you play and hang out with him constantly, but if your classmate is not good i.e. naughty or drunk, then as you move along with your classmate, you will join him in this activity at some point. . So definitely while choosing classmate keep in mind that who can be your classmate and what character can be your classmate and you can be friendly with him.



Avoiding addiction and drug addict environment as a way to keep body and mind healthy:

In order to enjoy a beautiful mind and a healthy body, one must stay away from intoxicants and drug addicts because addiction is something that can bring every human being to their worst state. Bidi cigarettes are tobacco like, they destroy human lungs and people die or get various types of cancer. Therefore, in order to have a healthy and beautiful mind, avoid the environment of drug addicts, friends, classmates, drug addicted society in which the number of drunken or strong people is high in that society, the prevalence of various immoral activities is high. So say no to drugs and live well with a healthy and beautiful mind.




Functions of sleep to keep body and mind healthy:

Good sleep affects both the body and mind and also reduces the risk of illness. Moderate sleep is essential for a healthy person. Adults can sleep up to nine hours a day. This sleep figure can increase to 15 to 16 hours for a baby. If you don’t sleep well, avoid drinking coffee and staying up late at night. Foods like coffee and tea disrupt sleep and prevent sleep. If you are sleepy, it is a kiss of coffee or tea, so avoid coffee and tea. Exercise is the most important thing to stay healthy and fit. Try to keep your body healthy through regular physical exercise every day.




Contribution of nature therapy in keeping body and mind healthy:

Nature therapy is a natural way to keep the body healthy. It should be applied to your body naturally. At a certain time of the day, sit alone in your mind and indulge yourself in an exercise. Health is not only physical fitness, but health is a combination of social, mental and physical qualities of a person, which help him live a fulfilling life. Health is the greatest wealth of human life. And it is one’s duty to protect this wealth.



This resource should be protected by exercising moderately and enjoying good food, playing sports and being happy. A healthy body requires not only physical fitness but also mental fitness. Only when a person is fit both physically and mentally can he achieve complete health. If he is physically healthy but not mentally healthy, he cannot achieve complete health. Again, no matter how healthy he is mentally but not physically healthy, he will not be able to enjoy full health.




Contribution of nature therapy in keeping body and mind healthy:

By making a few changes in your lifestyle, you can keep yourself completely healthy. You should always be smiling, happy and have a good heart. If our mind is good then the body is good. Remember that to keep a body beautiful, the mind must be clearly beautiful. The health of the mind is much more important than the health of the body. So you have to be conscious and active for the health of body and mind. And for that there is no need to do anything extra.



You don’t have to do anything according to any rules or regulations. You will feel healthy if you follow a few rules in every day activities. The tasks that need to be done constantly and which are related to life must be done at the right time and with the right attention.




Our last words:

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