What is NVIDIA's DLSS? Gamers will benefit from this new technology?

What is NVIDIA’s DLSS? Gamers will benefit from this new technology?

More’s Law of computers slowing down and shrinking in size is well known and people are surprised to see that what More predicted is actually coming true. What is NVIDIA’s DLSS? Gamers will benefit from this new technology?






In 1965, Moore predicted that the number of silicon transistors would double every year. Computers will be twice the speed and half the size. And so it has been for many years.







See in the picture after 2000 the number of transistors is increasing even though the speed of the processor is not increasing at the same speed. After 2005, multi-core is increasing, but the power consumption is less at that rate. I want to share another picture graph-







Source: Nvidia

This picture shows how much computer memory has increased since 2008, and how much GPU has increased. See, computer users no longer need to increase memory, they need GPU.

Now coming to the real point, why do we need so many GPUs, what kind of GPU will a computer actually have? What will they do?







Deep Learning Super Sampling

Duper sampling is a bit of an explanation, how many resolutions can you play a good quality game at? In general, we will say as much as your monitor will support. Because I know that good quality games can provide much higher resolution.







If I ask you what resolution can you play the games of ancient times, I will say, that game has as much resolution. Because we know the monitor can give good resolution. but no That won’t be the case thanks to DLSS technology, which can smooth out the edges of older games. Isn’t it strange? Yes, that’s right.









If the monitor is of good quality then it will fix the picture with intelligence. Another interesting thing it will do is that if a video is 30 frames/second, it will fix the break in slow motion. oops Artificial intelligence will decide how the image of the middle frames can be when we get stuck in slow motion in the game of cricket.







If you want to watch a low frame rate video of a fast moving car in very slow motion, you will need the middle frames, which you will not get. But what can be in that frame will be made by the GPU with deep laning technology.

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